Our core expertise is in using Internet and intranet technologies to support systems integration applications. We specialise in XML, the emerging standard for online integration, and we use SQL databases for content management.

XML is an excellent tool for exchanging data between organisations. It can act as a common interface between supplier and customer systems, and the development of XML interfaces is one of our main areas of work. An XML interface can help organisations to link with their partners and stakeholders to create online supply chains - often known as B2B or "business to business" eCommerce.

XML also allows us to keep the content and business logic of an online application separate from the visual appearance. This means applications can be created more quickly, and can easily change and grow - important in the world of online systems.

We also use XML technology to deliver online applications on Smartphones and PDAs. These are ideal for factory management environments and stock management applications, where you can monitor key parameters in real-time on your smartphone. Thanks to low cost wi-fi and wireless networking technology such as GPRS and 3G it means you can keep in touch with your online systems wherever you happen to be.

XML is becoming the standard for UK public sector organisations, since it underpins the UK Government's eGIF framework for interoperability. We think that eCommerce is not just for the commercial sector - public sector organisations must also engage their "customers" and eCommerce technology is just as relevant here.

All our online applications are hand-coded in HTML, XHTML or XML. We don't use HTML editors for application development because they create poor quality HTML, making your pages load more slowly, and more difficult for search engines to interpret correctly.

Depending on your requirements we test our applications for function and accessibility on Internet Explorer and Open Source browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

We don't supply hardware, and we will generally work with your local hardware or network provider. We are happy to advise on workstation and server configuration if required.

We are familiar with all the "plumbing" of systems integration, including networks, firewalls, mail servers, remote access, and virtual private networks. This means we can offer a complete solution for your requirements.